Hang in there

Fluctuations in the local unemployment are set to continue for some time. This requires sustained support and new solutions from the authorities

OPINION – China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment – The Portuguese Case

The completion, in principle, of the negotiations on the China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (“CAI”), after seven years, and 35 rounds of negotiations, is considered another "major diplomatic victory" for China in 2020, after the conclusion of the Regional Comprehensive...

OPINION – Taking off

Macau Business | May 2021  According to the usual schedule, the Gross Domestic Product estimate for the first quarter will be available by the end of May. Until then, we have to look into...

Special Report – Gary Chao

There is no one else in Macau who can boast having ascended to the Chief Executive’s top advisory body at the age of 31. No wonder he’s seen as a future leader of Macau.